This patented system was developed to create simple and faster support structure alignment for any type of cladding that is installed floating with or without insulation.


Fast, reliable and easy installation. Thanks to the Gecko holder, any structure can be leveled and installed faster and more efficiently.

Gecko fiX




Gecko® BG210 is ideal for mineral wool due to its wide operating range.

Gecko® BG210 is installed directly on the wall or behind the structure. Since the insulation goes in and around the watch, there is no longer any risk of thermal bridges. Gecko® BG210 has an insulation capacity of 120mm to 210mm and an alignment capacity of 90mm.

Gecko® BG90-H and BG110 have been developed for rigid PIR/PUR insulating materials. These brackets are screwed to the insulation, and the top tenon of the facade frame is drilled at a 30° angle and the bottom tenon is drilled horizontally into the rear retaining wall/structure. They can be used for both insulated and non-insulated facades.

Its total leveling capacity is between 19 and 82 mm, so it can compensate for any irregularities in the facade. When renovating without insulation, rotate the bracket 180° to allow for fixing with 60mm core to core drilled holes.

The Gecko® BG90-H is a bracket for direct alignment of horizontal, slightly inclined support structure without the need for double twill work. This Gecko® BG90-H has an alignment capacity of 9 to 62 mm. When lifting the Gecko® BG90-H with bottom corner fixing, it is ideal for isolated work and the holes must be drilled 160mm from core to core. When renovating without insulation, holes are drilled at a distance of 80 mm or 160 mm from the core.


  • There is no cold bridge;

  • Easy installation/disassembly;

  • Fast alignment = up to 40% faster assembly time;

  • Made from 100% recycled materials;

  • Standard mounting screws;

  • Alignment can be done with screws as well as with a gas/air nailer;

  • No special tools are required;

  • 3 types of brackets:

  • BG210 = mineral wool insulation (vertical twill structure)

  • BG110 = PUR insulation (vertical twill structure)

  • BG90-H = PUR insulation (horizontal and/or angular* twill structure)

  • Extremely high leveling capability, even up to 90 mm;

  • Ideal for renovation work;

  • Can be installed by one person.

Ease of use

Fast, reliable and easy installation. Thanks to the Gecko holder, any structure can be leveled and installed faster and more efficiently.


Gecko attaches great importance to environmental friendliness. Therefore, our brackets are made from 100% recycled materials that, once approved and tested, can play a supporting role in construction.

3 holders for all applications

With 3 different brackets, Gecko offers smart systems that make installation easy. Holders are suitable for both wadding and PUR, in vertical, horizontal and corner twill structures.

New construction and renovation

Gecko fasado tvirtinimo sistema yra tinkamas sprendimas tiek naujoms statyboms, tiek renovacijai. Mūsų laikiklių siūlomos parinktys yra neribotos. Pasisemkite įkvėpimo ir peržiūrėkite mūsų nuorodas.