Bamboo SYMPHONY paneling

SYMPHONY paneling is very unique as it offers a wide choice of facade combinations.

3 different profiles

Symphony 60

Symphony 40

Symphony 130


Bamboo is a very fast growing plant that is naturally sustainable. Some shoots can grow several tens of centimeters per day. Usually the plant matures in less than 5 years. After cutting, the bamboo roots (rhizomes) immediately begin to produce new shoots, restoring the plantation.

The high temperature treatment that FelixWood bamboo undergoes makes it stable and durable for various applications such as facade cladding.

FelixWood bamboo has the durability and quality of the finest tropical hardwoods.


  • Volumetric mass 1150 kg/m3

  • Hardness 8.61 kg/mm² NF EN 1534-2010

  • Artificial aging ∆E = 1.69 ISO 4892-3

  • Dimensional stability EN 317: 1993 (24 hours in water at 20°C)

  • Formaldehyde emission 0.001mg/m3 EN 717-1: 2004

  • Durability class 1 CEN / TS 15083-1 EN EN 350

  • Fire classification EN 13501-1 : 2007 + A1 : 2009

  • Elasticity 14060 MPa EN ISO 178-2019

About profile:

  • 3 interconnected different profiles

  • Installed using SYMPHONY stainless steel clips

  • Vertical and horizontal installation

  • Very stable bamboo wood






SYMPHONY paneling is very unique as it offers a wide choice of facade combinations. 3 compatible profiles allow you to create different patterns. Cladding can be installed normally, using clapboards of the same width, or rhythmically, using clapboards of various widths. The use of blocking panels of various widths creates an original and unique image. Cladding can also be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Made by heating bamboo fibers to a very high temperature (200°C) to make them resistant to mold and fungus. The heat-treated bamboo fibers are then compressed and bonded with phenolic resin. The result is a particularly stable and durable material that is perfect for outdoor use, for example for facade decoration.

SYMPHONY boards are offered with a matte oiled finish. They are attached using completely invisible stainless steel clips.

Simple installation

SYMPHONY bamboo paneling is easy to install thanks to SYMPHONY stainless steel fixing clips.

These clamps have been specially designed for fixing SYMPHONY paneling and provide good support and excellent stability over time. Clips allow easier, faster and inconspicuous installation.

The design of the clip provides a ventilation gap of 2 mm between the coating and the wooden back rail.

A bag of 100 clamps + stainless steel screws can fix about 7.5 m² of covering.


SYMPHONY thermally treated bamboo flooring can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Particleboards must be fixed to a base of 40 mm wide wooden slats/rails. A gap of 10 cm must be left between the bottom and the first rails of the rear structure.

The maximum distance between the rear rails is 60 cm for both horizontal and vertical installation.