The Clarity collection consists of two different tinted glasses. These glasses are compatible with all Boston fence boards, and these glasses also add more light to your yard. This is a great solution for cottage residents whose yards are not very large and want to visually expand the yard area or not blindly close it.

Boston Clarity

  • Aluminum poles;

  • Fence panels;

  • Tinted glasses;

  • Pillar plugs;

  • Pillar platforms;

  • Lower and upper rail;

  • Brand: Fiberdeck BOSTON

  • Country: France

  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks.

Send us the dimensions of your plot, choose the design of the paneling, decorations (if you need them) and we will send you the project of the fence and make an offer.

15-year warranty

Clarity collection glasses are given a 15-year guarantee, that if they are installed correctly, they will definitely last for at least 15 years. This means that they will not lose their tint, crack or anything else if the glasses are used properly.


300x1770mm 8mm

450x1770mm 8mm

Boston fence installation

Installation examples

Hinged doors are compatible with Clarity

- Powder coated aluminum frame RAL7016 textured

- Dimensions 980x1830mm

- Vertical uprights 80x50mm, horizontal crossbars 80x40mm

Corner post installation